Michigan’s Apple Crunch

JTCDC_Apple Crunch Final

In celebration of Food Day 2015, the Washtenaw Food Policy Council collaborated with Washtenaw Community College’s (WCC) Garrett’s Restaurant and Joyful Treats CDC to offer a healthy snack on the go. This fun-filled alliance offered Michigan grown apples to students on WCC’s campus, one of the many sites for the 3rd Annual Michigan Apple Crunch. This event encouraged residents to crunch into an apple as a unified approach to support healthy, affordable, sustainable food!

Did you know:

  • Michigan is the 3rd largest apple producing state in the nation.
  • There are more than 9.2 million apple trees in commercial production, covering 36,500 acres on 850 family-run farms in Michigan.
  • Michigan apples are available August through June.
  • 50% of Michigan apples are freshly consumed and the other 50% are processed into other products.

In 2014 over 224,000 apples were “crunched” into for Food Day in Michigan!