Open Comment Period: Use of the Term “Healthy” on Food Labels

The Washtenaw County Food Policy Council submitted comments to the Food and Drug Administration on the use of the term “healthy” on food labels. The Food Access and Nutrition Policy Action Team (PAT) saw an opportunity to contribute to the national discussion and to challenge the use of “healthy” on foods based only on the presence or absence of specific nutrients. This PAT worked with a nutrition policy intern from the University of Michigan School of Public Health to prepare comments which were approved by the PAT and then the Full Council. These comments promote consideration of the components of a healthy food system and healthy eating patterns rather than simply nutrients.

Though these comments are not directly related to a Policy Agenda Item, they correspond to the larger umbrella of Policy Agenda Item #13: Recommend and support that institutions within the county establish policies and implement environmental and organizational changes that ensure availability of safe drinking water and increase the availability, affordability, and sensory appeal of nutritious, and when possible, local and sustainable, food.

Interested in submitting comments? The deadline for submission is April 26, 2017 at 11:59 PM ET. For more details and to see the comments already submitted, visit