Connecting the Dots: Dig into SNAP (June 7th Event)

Connecting the Dots: Dig into SNAP (link to Facebook event page, where you can register for the event, or you can just show up!)

hosted by Cultivate Coffee & TapHouse and Food Gatherers

Date, time, and location: Wednesday, June 7th at 7-8 pm at Cultivate Coffee and TapHouse in Ypsilanti. 


Join in on a conversation with Cultivate, Food Gatherers, Avalon Housing, Washtenaw Health Plan and other community voices around the issue of SNAP.

SNAP is the largest anti-hunger program in the USA. It helps nearly 1 in 7 Americans, more than 46 million people. In Ypsilanti that number is closer to 1 in 3. Children make up half of SNAP recipients.

The bleak reality of hunger is that we could never “food pantry” or “soup kitchen” our way out of hunger. The programs that we have in place now are essential to protect and support. There is also a need for new and imaginative legislation that can address gaps in our national safety net. Ending hunger will require a whole community that is literate in how policy impacts our life together and who is able to communicate the value of the common good to our legislators. We all need to play a role in weaving the strands of our national safety net.

We hope you will join us and learn more about how SNAP strengthens our community.