Washtenaw Co. Farmers Markets Brochure & Information on Fruits and Vegetables

We encourage you to shop at your local farmers markets for fresh fruits & vegetables, and the 2017 Washtenaw County Farmers Markets brochure is now available! This brochure includes information on all of the farmers markets in Washtenaw County, as well as the various methods of payment (including food assistance programs) that can be utilized at the farmers markets.  Visit washtenawmarkets.org to find additional information and download a printable copy of the brochure here.

Information on Fruits & Vegetables by Khadija Wallace, Full Council Member

Fruits & vegetables generally have a:

  • Lower calorie count
  • Low or no-fat
  • No cholesterol
  • Great sources of fiber
  • Sources of vitamins & minerals, particularly vitamins A & C

The National Cancer Institute recommends choosing:

  • At least one serving of a vitamin A-rich fruit or vegetable per day
  • At least one serving of a vitamin C-rich fruit or vegetable per day
  • At least one serving of a high-fiber fruit or vegetable per day
  • Several servings of cruciferous vegetables per week. Studies suggest that these vegetables may offer additional protection against certain cancers, although further research is needed.
High in
Vitamin A
High in
Vitamin C
High in Fiber or a Good Source of Fiber Cruciferous Vegetables
Apricots Apricots Apple Bok Choy
Cantaloupe Broccoli Banana Broccoli
Carrots Brussels Spouts Blackberries Brussel Spouts
Collards, Kale Cabbage Blueberries Cabbage
Leaf Lettuce Cantaloupe Brussels Spouts Cauliflower
Mango Cauliflower Carrots
Mustard Greens Chili Pepper Cherries
Pumpkin Collards Cooked Beans & Peas (Kidney, Navy, Lima, Pinto, Lentils & Black Eyed Peas)
Romaine Lettuce Grapefruit Dates
Spinach Honeydew Melon Figs
Sweet Potato Kiwi fruit Grapefruit
Winter Squash (Acorn, Hubbard) Mango Kiwi fruit
Mustard green Orange
Orange Pear
Orange Juice
Potato with skin