Council Survey – 2013

Thanks so much for taking a few minutes to complete this survey!
This will help both the Full Council and the Executive Committee in planning and communication as we move forward in 2013.

The WFPC is a public county council and all Council members are working toward a better food system. The main purpose of this survey is to gain some insight into the follow areas:

  • Section A: Who we all are and in which PATs do we engage
  • Section B: For PAT chairs/leaders to express the general description of what each PAT is working on (to be shared on the website, social media, and in our calendar posts)
  • **TIME SENSITIVE**Section C: For each Full Council member to offer up some ideas for what you’d like to hear from the public. It is beneficial for the work of the council to have input from as much of the community as possible. Section C will be directly applied to an upcoming public event at the Local Food Summit (see below for details).
  • Section D: Other feedback (speakers, policy issues coming out of your PAT discussions, other feedback not already addressed).

Please try to return this survey by Tuesday, February 19!

We will share the results of the survey with the full council. Contact us if you have any questions or other feedback about this: