The Washtenaw County Food Policy Council (WFPC) is an advisory subcommittee of the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners that increases and preserves access to safe, local and healthy food for all residents of Washtenaw County.

Equity Statement

The WFPC believes food is a basic human right and a core part of our society. We believe the laws and rules that shape our food system are rooted in white supremacy and must evolve. To work towards a more equitable food system, the WFPC prioritizes policies and projects that promote equity for groups that have been systemically excluded.


The Washtenaw County Food Policy Council (WFPC) envisions that by the end of 2022:

  • The WFPC has the organizational structure to respond rapidly to funding opportunities and requests for collaboration
  • The WFPC is a vibrant group that regularly advises County Commissioners, the County Board of Health, City Council Members, and other local leaders on issues affecting our local food system.
  • The WFPC is engaged by state legislators to provide insights on bills that could impact Washtenaw County. 
  • County departments are modeling best practices, such as procuring local food for catered meetings and offering healthy vending in county buildings.
  • Members of the community know where to go to get help or to get connected to help if they are in need of food or assistance applying for SNAP benefits.
  • Many new farms are starting each year and can connect to older farms for mentoring, and long-standing farms are evolving scale and scope as appropriate.
  • Local produce is easily accessible through a variety of retail outlets.



The Washtenaw County Food Policy Council originated from a discussion during meetings of the Food System Economic Partnership’s Policy Committee. After seeing the rise of Food Policy Councils around the country, committee members saw a growing need for the same unifying structure in Washtenaw County. Their original idea gained further traction after Washtenaw County Health Department was able to secure grant funding for the development of a Food Policy Council. With this support, the Policy Committee was able to move this idea further and secured recognition from the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners in the winter of 2012.

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The Washtenaw County Food Policy Council supports a viable, economical and sustainable local food system through multiple strategies including:

  • Strengthening the connections between food, health, natural resource protection, economic development and the agricultural community
  • Researching, analyzing and reporting on information about the local food system
  • Advocating for and advising on food system and food policy implementation
  • Promoting and providing education on food system issues

Washtenaw County Food Insecurity Data

Data can be found on the Food Insecurity Dashboard on the Health for All Washtenaw website.

Food Insecurity Rate County_ Washtenaw (1)


Click here for a brochure about the Washtenaw County Food Policy Council.

Contact Us

Email washtenawfoodpolicycouncil@gmail.com with any questions or comments!

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